Friday, May 25, 2007

Commencing Countdown, Engines On...

So in eight days, eight days from this exact moment, I will be arriving at my hair appointment to start getting ready for my wedding day. That is so absolutely strange to me. I thought that at my shower, I was finally acclimating myself to the fact that I was going to be married in such a short time, but I guess I still need to get used to it. Does anyone really ever get used to the fact that they are getting married before they actually say the words, kiss one another, and are pronounced husband and wife? How could you? Its not something you can ready yourself for. Their isn't a prep class a girl can take to make sure she is 100% ready on the big day. This isn't the SAT's...

Its not that I am not ready. Preparations wise, no, I'm not even close to ready. But the kind of ready where I really, really want to do this...where I can't wait to be a Mrs. (more specifically, a Mrs. to Tony's Mr.), I'm totally ready. I was ready on August 12th when Tony was kneeling in the sand. I just wish that "prepared" could always equate to "ready", though. Because I will be honest, this last week has been something of a storm of the none-too-savory variety. Between flowers that are more than I expected (or budgeted for), my photographer being fired, my dress being lost three (yes, 3) times, my hair stylist double booking herself and about a thousands little things inbetween, I have had more than my share of wedding plan snafus. I am not a planner. I have never promised to be a planner, and having all of this thrown at me in the home stretch is enough to have me curled up in the fetal position in my bedroom.

I'm a trooper though. I know that eight days, eight days from this exact moment, I will be arriving at my hair appointment to start getting ready for my wedding day. What better thought is there than that? This week is going to be cake. Saturday is going to be amazing. And all of the snags that lead me to June 2nd are going to disappear. Flowers and photographers are nothing. Next weekend will make it all worth it.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Weather Forecast: Sunny with Occassional Showers

Its a funny thing about showers. Party showers, that is. I've been to what feels like hundreds at this point. Truly, between babies and weddings, there isn't a girlfriend of mine out there that I haven't celebrated in the past few years. But when its YOUR shower, the entire experience takes on a kind of surreal quality. The food is there. The punch, the cake, the women folk who chat amoungst themselves. Yet, there is something different, and I felt that difference the moment I walked into Jana's house. This was MY shower. I was the one getting married...finally. The pile of gifts...those are for me. The fantastic scrapbook everyone was busily working putting together...mine too. I think that Saturday was the day that it finally sank in that I am getting married--really married, not just school yard married--in less than a month. How rad is that?!?!

That being said, I have to gush about the shower for a bit. My bridesmaids, first of all, are amazing. They put so much work into making my day special, and they did just that tenfold. All of my nearest and dearest were there, if not in body then certainly in spirit. I feel spoiled these last few weeks with all the attention that is paid to me. What is more, is how absolutely foolish it seems to get SO excited about opening your gift of a crockpot, or a gravy boat, or a party tray, or pillow cases. But you least I did. Each of the gifts is just another reminder of the life I am about to start with Tony, and I am almost jumping out of my skin when I think too much about putting our home together--beer mugs and all. There was nothing--not a single thing--that I would have changed about the day. The weather, which had been cloudy, sprinkly, and windy only the night before, was gorgeous. The food was great, the drinks were tasty, the flowers were beautiful, the company was the best.

I gush because I can't help it. I want to remember all the details for these last weeks before the wedding, because I feel like they are going to pass before I can blink. I'm getting married once, and each detail needs to be permanently fixed in my memory. There...I have another one to add to my collection.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Thoughts on the finding the perfect someone...

So a friend of mine told me that I was supposed to write my own thoughts about my relationship, love, Tony, weddings, whatnot. I’m not sure what to say. Not so much because I have nothing to say about any of it, but more because I feel like now I am on the spot to wax philosophical. Sound smart. Make everyone weep with the eloquent things I have to say. But I digress. Back to the matter at hand…

When I was a kid, I had a picture in my head of what my wedding was going to be. There was a strapping man standing next to me. Muscles, stature, a sense of protection and security…the works. His face was always vague though. Something fuzzy and indistinct. Probably because I hadn’t found the right guy yet. Anyway, I wear some sort of huge white dress. Something with sparkles and ruffles, I’m sure…it was the 80’s then. Digressing again. The thing that I always knew though—really knew—was that the day, the man, and the choice we made to be together were perfect. Not in the puppies and flowers sort of way, but the deep down, body and soul this is the way it was supposed to be sort of perfect.

A person will have dozens of relationships time and again to replace those childhood fantasies. Some are gut wrenching, some are bittersweet, some are just simple mistakes of time and circumstance. But at 14 when I had my first boyfriend, or 16 when I had my first heartbreak, or 20 when I had my first true love I was still too young, too fresh, too na├»ve to really know what love was supposed to be. A person needs those experiences though to grow, to hurt, and to reach a place in their life where they can stand before that certain someone and know—really know—that the it is perfect. A person’s heart needs to swell and break a thousand times before the calm sets in. The tears need to dry, the wounds need to heal, and the soul needs to ready itself for that other. Only then is the moment amazing.

I wish I could say that I felt the light turn on the moment I saw Tony across a crowded room. I wish I could say that I knew after my first relationship, or my second, or my third. But I didn’t. And neither did he. We needed that growing to come to this place, at this time to make our stars align and our paths cross so incredibly. The wait is long—interminable at times—and the pain of all the other lost “loves” is indescribable to anyone who hasn’t felt it themselves, but what I feel now is so completely worth it, and unbelievably amazing.

I feel…quiet. My heart and soul are quiet, however trite that might sound. The confusion, the frustration, the fluxing of a relationship that was not meant to be is gone. Simply and purely without pretense or circumstance I know that I love completely and unaffectedly someone who feels the same for me. I can look into his eyes and see a future stretching before me and I am excited and anxious for that future to begin. My rough edges are smoothed away. My fears are calmed. My pain is eased. I am complete. I am whole, but its not Tony that makes me whole. What I realize now is that instead of finding that feeling outside of myself, Tony helps me to make myself feel complete. Love isn’t a puzzle. It’s not a matter of using someone else to fill in your gaps. It’s a matter of filling in those spaces yourself, and having someone to support you in that process. I am better when I am with Tony, and I know that the feeling is mutual.

Maybe its fate. Maybe its luck. Maybe its kismet. Maybe it doesn’t matter. What I know is that I have found my match. In all the people in all the world, the man who is supposed to be with me, is. So I can wax philosophical forever, but in the end, I have found my end.

The boy blog

As stated in Laura's blog, I am new to this sort of thing also. I just wanted to say at this time that I am very excited for our up coming changes. We will finally be living in the same zip code, and area code for that matter, after a little more than a year of dating and engaging. We are definitely looking forward to our honeymoon, and starting a new life together. Laura and I are in a very unique situation. We have been friends for 14 years, and just figured it out last year that we were meant for each other. Amazing how the one you are supposed to be with is right in front of you.

Laura and I share an amazing bond that will never be broken. We are in a fortunate situation that true friends are getting married. I am very lucky to have Laura in my life in any capacity. Those that are reading this know what an amazing person she is. Now to switch gears.

My best man and one of my groomsmen are steadily planning my bachelor party. It looks like we will be attending an Angels game and doing some sort of boy fun earlier in the day. That may consist of paintballing, go carting, or darts and pool. Any which way, I am looking forward to the time I will share with my comrades. Laura and I will also figure out some other type of social events for the time surrounding the wedding. I know that many of you will be in town for a number of days, and you would like to maximize your time with us. I also know that many of you are traveling thousands of miles to be with us for the wedding. We will do our best to make ourselves available, as the wedding will be pretty much a busy time for us. Please stay posted here, as Laura and I will continually update this site for our upcoming social events. I love you all and can't wait to share time with you.

The Dealy-O

We wanted to make sure that our wedding is as action packed as humanly possible for all our guests. To ensure that your time is well spent, Tony and I (with the help of our wedding party...actually, this is mostly their doing...) are planning food, outings, alcohol, more food, and more outings to keep everyone entertained. Here's what the calendar is tentatively looking like right now...

*Wednesday, May 30th--White Trash BBQ at the Jaeggi Manor
Think beaters and Keystone Light, corndogs and jello salad. We will be having a potluck sort of deal at Debbie and Tony Sr.'s house in Carlsbad, for anyone who is the area. Potluck details will follow shortly, so stay tuned! In addition to the bbq, Tony and I are asking that everyone bring two things: 1) a picture of you and (one of) us as you best remember us. Dig through all your old photos to find the gems from high school! 2) a piece of marriage advice. We will provide index cards to write down this advice, and we will compile it together into a book for us to keep!

*Thursday, May 31st--Bachelor/ette Parties
From Anaheim to Fallbrook, Tony and I are taking over. The boys and girls will be assigned to their respective locations for one final hurrah to celebrate the happy couple. Regardless if you are blue or pink, there will nothing but blue skies, tasty grub, and great friends as far as the eye can see!

*Friday, June 1st--Descending on Orange County
-Late Morning/Early Afternoon--possible brunch happening for the wedding party and bachelor/ette guests who are still
around. This is still to be determined, so stay tuned.
-Rehearsal, 3 pm--Wedding party and family will be finalizing the big day at The Hacienda from 3-3:30.
-Rehearsal Dinner, 5 pm--Dinner celebration for the rehearsal attendants at ??
-Lucky Strike Bowling, 9 pm--For any and all who are interested, we are making a trip to the Lucky Strike Bowling alley at
The Block at Orange. Be there or be L7!

*Saturday, June 2nd--The Big Day
Its the wedding day, duh! The girls will be indisposed bright and early, and there's talk of a boyz only breakfast for those who would be interested. Details are to be determined, so stay tuned.

*Sunday, June 3rd--The Wrap Up
-Final brunch--Anyone who is still around the hotel might be interested in getting together for brunch with Tony and I to
see us off. There is a restaraunt attached to The Ayres, so we'll see you in the lobby!
-Disneyland!--Who wouldn't want to celebrate the newlyweds BUT at the happiest place on earth? We're planning a final
hoorah after brunch and going until whenever. Join us!

Whew! If this doesn't keep everyone busy, I don't know what will. Keep you eyes peeled for updates and whatnot for the logisitics, but I hope that all of you can join us for (all) the festvities!

In the Beginning...

Hello all. I figured that now was as good a time as any to start a blog page for Tony and myself. We are in the midst of so many changes and plans, and we know that all of you will want to stay informed of what is going on. Tony and I are so excited about everything that is coming up. The wedding is in 29 days, I have seven weeks of school left before I am officially done teaching (well, at least temporarily), and we are going to be leaving for our honeymoon before we know it. What's more, is that I will be moving down to San Diego in the beginning of July. Like I said, lots going on right now.

I'm new to the whole blog site movement, as is Tony. I know that I love reading about the happenings of my nearest and dearest, and I know that Tony and I are lucky enough to have such supportive friends and family who are curious about how we are doing. It is hard to keep in touch with everyone all at once. It's difficult to maintain our long distance friendships with people who are miles away. My hope is that Tony and I will be able to keep everyone informed and maintain those vital links with everyone special in our lives. So, without further adieu, let's get started.