Thursday, January 22, 2009

Belly Updates!

Alright, folks, you asked for it. Here's the up-to-date on the belly!

~month 7, post christmas tree decorating. that's my excuse for looking so scaggy. :)

the rest of the photos are being a little tempermental. i'll see if i can work out the kinks and get the published in the next couple days.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

T-Minus 6 Weeks and Counting...

Can you believe it? Six weeks?!?!?! It hardly seems real to me that in 6(ish) weeks, Tony and I are going to be parents. I feel like I am only just getting used to the idea of being pregnant, and now all of sudden, Bean is practically here! Crazy!

The holidays passed in a blur (like they always do). Tony and I hosted Christmas Eve dinner again, and then had Christmas Day breakfast at my mom's house. We had an impromptu dinner at my best friend's parents' house that night, which was wonderful. When I was a teenager, I spent many a holiday with Erin's parents, but being a grown up seems to get in the way at times of my childhood traditions. Erin's family is like my second family, and so its just...appropriate...that I spend the holidays with them. You know? We also went down to San Diego the weekend after Christmas for the Jaeggi celebration. We had the BEST white elephant gift exchange of ALL TIME! What is even better, is that Tony's family has decided to make it an annual tradition. Yay!!

~me and my mountain belly~

New Year's week started out with promises of catching up with some work, watching some movies, and maybe even catching up with some friends. Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men.... What my New Year's week turned out to be was getting a car accident on New Year's Eve eve. An over-dyed 19 year old in daddy's BMW rear ended me. I was near my mom's house, so after I got the information from the girl (she was poo), I took myself to my mom's to check in with Tony and let him know that I was ok. He insisted that I go to the doctor, which I hadn't even thought about, and frankly was kind of annoyed at the thought of. My mom drove me to the doctor's office, and to make a long story short, I found myself at the hospital later that afternoon. Initially, it was a precautionary measure, but after being told by one of the nurses that I had been having contractions for I'm not sure how long, it finally clicked in that Bean might have been seriously hurt!! THAT'S when I started to get really mad...and worried. The whole thing wasn't about me, it was about Bean, which was kind of a huge revelation for me. It was a total "I'm going to be a mom" sort of moment. I spent the night in the hospital (sooooo not fun!), but that was again purely precautionary. Everything turned out fine, and besides some extra sonogram appointments, neither Bean or I are no worse for the wear.

Luckily, Tony and I have AWESOME friends, and our good friend (Tony's best friend), Tim spent the entire weekend after New Year's painting Bean's room and putting up crown molding. Seriously, Bean has the best room in the house, and the best uncle in the world to make such a good looking room for our kid. Thanks, Uncle Tim! Tony and I have spent the last few weeks since the room painting doing a major overhaul on both our closets, the storage cupboard, and our carport storage making room for Bean. Its amazing how much crap a person (or 2) can accumulate!

Well, that pretty much brings us up to date. Bean's shower is a week from this Saturday, and all three of us can hardly wait! Tony and I (read: I) decided to have a Jack and Jill shower instead of a traditional baby shower. Our male friends are just as important to us as our girl friends, and Tony had SOMETHING of a hand in the making of Bean, so I figured he should probably be allowed to be around to celebrate as well. Now, everyone will be able to celebrate without the traditional baby shower games. So...there will be no smelling of the baby food, or making diapers out of stuff, or measuring of the belly, or anything else. Just mexican food, beer, and DELICIOUS cuppy cakes. Not to mention a crap load of our nearest and dearest. I'm really looking forward to this, by the way! are to come. I have to dig out the cords for the camera, which have gone missing since the room overhaul. Stay tuned for updated belly pics, AND a new 3D sonogram of my kid's adorable mug. You can hardly wait!