Sunday, July 8, 2007

Jaeggmeyers in Paradise!

Hello folks! Well, we're finally back from our honeymoon. Tony and I have had a whirlwind adventure globetrotting these last two weeks. I make our trip sound a little sexier than it really was, although we did have an absolute BLAST. We left on June 24 and flew to Minneapolis/St. Paul. From there, we drove down to Ames, Iowa to visit one of my best friends, Ryan (who also had been gracious enough to officiate our ceremony...thanks Ryan!) and see his new digs. Iowa is gorgeous (despite the rumors to the contrary...hee hee) and Tony and I had so much fun hanging out with Ryan and getting to see his life at Iowa State.

The next leg of our journey took us to beautful Evansville, MN (population: 566). While small, Evansville is scenic, and is home to my mom's side of the family. Tony was a trooper and held his own while being bombarded with my extended family coming at him from all sides. No the reception my cousins Elaine and Char hosted for us, Tony met AND remembered some 60 relatives that came to meet and greet. That's no small feat! Between visting, fishing, more visiting, and the occasional relaxing moments, Tony and I stayed pretty busy for the five days we were there. It was great to see my family, and its always hard to say goodbye when I only get to see many of them once a year.

Our last stop was the icing on the cake. Unfortunately, good things sometimes come to people after a very (VERY) long wait. After spending six LONG hours in the Miami International airport, and consuming copious amounts of alcohol at the Jose Cuervo's in the airport terminal, we finally found ourselves winging our way to the sunny beaches of Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Jamaica is everything everybody has ever said it would be. Beautful, sunny, lush, tropical, beautiful some more. It truly is spectacular, and I am afraid our pitures hardly do it justice. In any case, Tony and I spent seven glorious days relaxing poolside and beachside, tasting the fare of the area, partaking of the local rum (well, Tony, not me. Rum and I don't get along very well). It was incredible, and the perfect way to truly spend our honeymoon. We had time to just spend with eachother and be...well..married. Between our tans (read: sunburns), the food, the site seeing, and the various wildlife that took up residence in our villa, Tony and I had a truly memorable week in Jamaica. We can't wait to go back for some soon anniversary.

It was sad to go, but its always great to be home. We have quite a few photos from our journeys (I'll be posting all of our trip pictures on snapfish), and lots of great memories for our adventures. Who could ask for better?