Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Update on the Update...

Just quickly popping in to let my nearest and dearest know I haven't forgotten all of you. I'm well. Tired, but hanging in there. I'm two days into week three of second semester (huh?) and starting to wonder why I thought teaching second semester at all was a good idea. I'm also nine days from my due date...which completely blows my mind. My doctors seem to be hinting that I might not make it until the 5th, which I think would be FABULOUS, but early labor remains to be seen. Tony and I are both incredibly anxious and excited to meet Bean and start working on being a family, instead of just a couple!

There are pictures to post (new belly shots, finished Bean room, new 3D sonogram...), but those are at home, and I have a TON of sub notes that I need to finish typing. Stay tuned, and remember that patience is a virtue! Pictures and a more interesting blog by the end of the week.... I promise!