Monday, September 24, 2007

The Invasion!

Ahh, how time flies when you are busy! Tony and I haven't seemed to be able to take a breath since he moved in. He really likes his new job--traffic not withstanding--and has definately been putting himself on the map with his superiors. He was working 16 hour days for about two weeks, which was beyond crazy, but things seem to have been settling down now. He's also looking into taking computer programming classes at Santa Monica College to continue his IT studies. As for myself, I am back in the mix at Verdugo as though I never thought of leaving. Part time DEFINATELY has its perks, although there is an adjustment to being in the wings as far as English department life goes. I am also back at school, slowly and surely plugging my way through Medieval poetry and L'Morte de Artur. Hot dog! In between Beowulf and Cantebury Tales, I am also dilligently practicing my downward dog (yoga class, that's it!). I love being back in school, but I am definately anxious to start my coursework for my Master's program.

In more recent news, Tony and I had guests this past weekend. My sister and brother in law, Dannie and Doug, came up last weekend with their two kids. Lydia and James are 4 and 2, and are the CUTEST kids in the entire world. We spent most of the weekend chasing the cats around our house and listening to James' sing-song "Hi kitty. Hi Sappho. Hi Pretri (he couldn't say 'Petri')". Needless to say, Tony and I loved every waking minute. We spent Saturday night at our friends, Gavin and Julie's, house. They also have two kids, so it was like a toddler extravaganza. Throw in our friend, Jen's, four month old and it was like being at the zoo.

I've included a couple picutres here, but definately check out Snapfish for the rest. I've also (finally) posted our honeymoon pictures for your viewing pleasure. See everyone next month!

P.S. Stay tuned for pictures in the next few days!