Thursday, May 21, 2009

Two Months!

~Two Months Old~

I can't believe that its already been a month since my last post! My days don't seem busy, but then again, when you are watching a two month old, the time kind of flies.

Can you believe that Sophie is already two months old?! Checking into the hospital seems like yesterday, and a lifetime ago (I think I keep saying that...). She is getting SO BIG, and the doctor confirmed that today at her two month well baby checkup. She is in the 95% now across the board for height, weight, and head circumference (she's totally her mother's daughter...). She coos and babbles, which is the CUTEST thing in the entire world. She holds her head parallel to her body when we pull her forward by her hands (that isn't usually until 3 months, according to the books, by the by). Hmmm...what other marvels can I share about my daughter? As much as Tony and I are hoping a dreaming for the day, Sophie still isn't quite sleeping through the night. Her bedtime is around 7, and Tony take the first feeding about 11 (altough the last few nights were closer to 1...maybe the start of something new and great?!?!). I get up with her about 2ish (again, lately its been around 5 though, after the 1 a.m. feeding). We are assured that sleeping through the night (or close to it) is just around the corner, so we are waiting with baited breath.

~Cute Foot!~
Sophie had her first round of immunizations today, and took them like a champ. Only a few minutes of crying, and then it was over. She was fussy in the afternoon, which everyone has told me to expect, and she went to bed EARLY tonight (well, I hope she did, I just put her down and its only 5 pm...I hope I don't live to regret that!).

~Little bit of Momma love...~

New pictures for May are on Snapfish, so take a look when you get a chance. I hope everyone is doing as well as Sophie is! Have a great Memorial Weekend...I know we will!

~The only picture where I think she looks like me...~